The Importance Of Sports For Your Child

October 6, 2016

The majority of children today spend a majority of their day out of school on the computer and on their smartphones. It is an alarming fact that the new generation of kids today are becoming introverts and recluses because their best friends are their computers and they have no interest in interaction with the rest of the world or with kids their own age. In the past, most kids would look forward all day to the time they would spend on the streets playing with the neighbourhood kids but today’s children do not even know the names of the children who live in their neighborhoods because all they do is spend time playing video games, watching movies and simply surfing the internet for hours on end. There are many dangers involved with this lifestyle including lack of personality development which can hinder the child’s chances of one day getting a job, lack of overall education in other subjects which could hinder the child’s ability to think, the high potential of getting roped in to traps set by pedophiles who are roaming the internet looking for young children such as your own children. 

Lack of exercise

In addition to all of these dangers, there is also the danger of lack of exercise as your children will not be getting the amount of exercise they need in their daily lives. Children have a lot of energy packed in to them by nature and it is essential that they get enough exercise every single day in order to grow up healthy and strong. This modern lifestyle that children lead prevents them from getting the exercise that they need because they spend their lives sitting in a chair which is also extremely bad for their spines and their backs. It is your duty as the parent to introduce your child to a sport by purchasing some gear online, enrolling them in the sport and limiting their access to a computer. At first your child is likely to rebel because the computer is an addiction similar to cigarettes and alcohol and giving it up can lead to many withdrawal symptoms that you need to be prepared for.

Look for cricket bats for sale and take your child shopping with you in order to get their interest developed in the sport.

Although your child will show little interest in the outside world at first, you will slowly notice that as they start getting involved in the sport, they will start to like not only the sport but the team work, the interaction with other children his or her own age and the competition.