Try These Beach Activities Out With Your Little Fraternity Next Summer

October 4, 2016


The best way to spend you college summer break: hit the reefs. Some simple instructions: get the bunch of frat boys together, select the best location (you might want to look at the weather channel), choose a place to breakfast and pass out after hard night’s partying, horde yourselves to the craziest four wheel drive at hand, and drive on. The sheer number of activities you can do is vast: beach volleyball, beach cricket, skinny dipping, swimming and diving, scuba diving, surfing and so on and so forth. You can even break out of a possible routine by building a few sand castles here and there. It’s all grand fun. At night, no one will object to a little gathering around a bonfire with a few bottles of beer. You really don’t need to plan. You can be as free as you want (there are enough and more nudist sections, if that is the kind of freedom you prefer) and as liberate as you prefer. Follow your instincts, eat what you like, do what you want, you can be the man you desire.

You and your team can explore as much as you like. The summer holidays are usually the busiest time of the year, you might want to be a bit overzealous with your bookings and lodgings. Take the time to prepare a bit first. It wouldn’t hurt you one bit if you are willing to plan some of the activities too; so that you know which is which, and if equipment is needed, how to access them or purchase them. Relax, enjoy the tan, and workout that muscle for the girls and the boys who will look at you with admiration and lust.

Boys will be boys

Getting girls all worked up by flashing your ripped tanned body, is the least you could do to pass your time. You are here to have a taste of adventure and adrenaline after a semester of heavy academia. Flirting with a bunch of bunnies is as ordinary as leafing through a library book. Connect with the nature, connect with the beach and its life force, explore it, feel it, and experience it like you have never before. One of the top recommended activities apart from surfing comes in the form of stand up paddle board surfing. Check it out; you might develop a more than mere liking to it.

Can get it from most sea sport shops

Most of the beach side shops have these SUP for sale. If however you are knackers for quality, then you might want to plan a little ahead as mentioned before and select, pay and get your preferred item delivered to you before you decide to embark on the trip.

However most of these seaside sportswear shops come highly recommended: why not search a bit online and find out for yourself.